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The Thin Kids in Brisbane – the reviews

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I’ll add to this as more reviews flood in. I say flood. I mean trickle, of course. First up, this little gem from Jack Langridge at Rave Magazine.

Whenever individuals have nothing to offer in their own right, they band together to offer nothing as a collective. ‘Ironic’ and ‘irreverent’ as ever, tonight one of The Thin Kids cuts a ridiculous figure in a cockroach costume while jumping around shaking maracas or some other such thing. When Kate Nash joins the quartet onstage for The Thin Kids Theme, it’s hard to tell whether she’s bemused, confused or just plain embarrassed. ET must have convinced her to come on. You know he discovered Nirvana, right?

Shame Jack didn’t think to have a look over at Twitter – not difficult, right? – where Kate herself was Tweeting (among other Thin Kids-related Tweets),

shit, one more thing…so much fun. the thin kids & me in brisbane! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWDVTUcGigg&feature=player_embedded

Follow the link through, and you discover:

Next, Kirstie Sequitin at make the girls dance.

I got to the Hi-Fi a little late and missed out on half of The Thin Kids’ set. I had never heard of them prior to tonight, but it turns out they’d also supported Nash when she toured last year, so she must like them. How could you not? They had a dude in a cockroach suit airhumping while beating a tambourine with maracas (occasionally in time), which sold me. Apart from that, their music was pretty weird and art-rock-y, which I kind of like too, even though it seems like a strange in-joke that the audience wasn’t allowed in on. Pre-performance Kate Nash joins in at the end of the set, The Thin Kids Theme and Guest List, belting ‘you’re not on the guest list! You’re not coming in!’ at a bemused crowd.

Young Men Dead followed The Thin Kids. Their stage presence is a little awkward, but that is probably due to the lack of a giant cockroach gyrating through the stage.

That final line is one of my favourite reviews ever.

Photography: Ben Preece

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