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A new genre of music | the PC tribute band

A new genre of music | the PC tribute band
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Thanks to Wallace Wylie for the idea. Here’s his starter.

The PC Led Zeppelin. Sample lyric: “Hey hey mama said the way you move/Puts me in the mood for some consensual sex.”

“Communication breakdown, it’s always the same. Our gender definitions , as enforced by the capitalist/patriarchal system, make true communication impossible and only by rejecting these narrow and fascistic labels can we transcend these limitations and achieve true communion.”

OK. Let’s go.

The PC Pixies – Nimrod’s Male Gendered Relative

One night upon my bicycle through the desert sped
And smashed my body so that all my friends thought I was dead
My sister held me close and whispered to my bleeding head
“You are the son of a someone who may or may not had consensual sex with your mother”

The PC Afghan Whigs – Intellectually Disabled

Today the intellectually disabled friend speaks to me and now I have it all
What a way to strike a blow back at gender imbalance by heteronormative preconceptions of how men ought to dress
The sexually satisfied friend lied to you
It could never get that bad just ask

The PC Glen Campbell – Wichita Lineperson

I know I need a small holiday in a small townstead in the bush where I will wear only sandals and a straw skirt all week, waiting upon the convenience of my hosts
But it don’t look like rain
And if it snows that stretch down south won’t ever stand the strain
And I am in the mood to talk to you but I do appreciate that you might not be in the mood to talk to me
And I appreciate that it’s entirely your decision whether to call me back or not, and I would never pressurise you about something like that
And the Wichita Lineperson is still on the line

The PC Who – Pinball Wizard

That hearing impaired, vocally impaired and visually impaired kid
Sure plays a mean pinball!

The Pre-Menstrual Tensions – Environmental Service Worker

You ain’t no former derogatory term for a gay man, you former derogatory term for a gay man
You wanna talk about the real junk?
If I ever slip, I’ll be banned
‘Cause I’m the environmental service worker

Devo – Differently Abled Person

Differently Abled Person, he was a Differently Abled Person
Happier than you and me
Differently Abled Person, he was a Differently Abled Person
And it determined what he could see

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