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Collapse Board on Odd Future

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LA hip-hop outfit Odd Future

Following on from the ‘success’ of our Cults chart, it seems appropriate to do one for Odd Future.

The following are rated by page views, as accessed from Google Analytics. The top three entries are among the most read articles on Collapse Board during the past three months.

1. Odd Future and sexism etc
Many men still feel that endless misogynistic ‘jokes’ are ultimately harmless and that everyone should just get a sense of humour. (Wallace Wylie)
2. Tyler, The Creator – Goblin (XL)
cough cough CLOSET CASE cough cough (Kelly McClure)
3. Tyler, The Creator @ The Zoo, Brisbane, 05.06.11
The Zoo may be the finest venue in all of Australia. It’s called The Zoo for a reason, and not just because there’s shit all over the floor and someone just gave birth to a litter of baby elephants. (Scott Creney)
4. Song of the day – 326: Odd Future
I’ve met Nick Cave a few times, and – seriously – I don’t reckon he has ever killed or raped a woman. (Everett True)
5. Neil Kulkarni on Odd Future
They’re kids. Not Disney kids or showbiz kids or even kids with a dream. They’re kids with nightmares. They’re nightmare kids who know life’s a nightmare. (Neil Kulkarni)
6. It’s OK. Pop music isn’t broken.
This talk of reverence and inheritance worries me. The idea that you should shut the fuck up because your progenitors haven’t yet been accorded their rightful due is so damn paralysing. (Lucy Cage)
7. Odd Future and a Brave New World
Odd Future is not a feminist issue. Odd Future is a societal issue. (Hannah Golightly)
8. Lisa Carver, Truman Capote, my therapist and me – An Odd Future Conversation
Doesn’t matter! It’s all image with these kids. It’s not real. (Joseph Kyle)
9. Odd Future vs Renzo Martens
Since when was the singer ever the song? (Cheyanne Turions)

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