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 Princess Stomper

Pop vs Rock

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Sophie Ellis-Bextor lips sexy

By Princess Stomper

Rock music is ‘better’ than pop music? There’s no fucking difference!

Before they switched off Pandora in the UK, I found its deliberately anti-genre stance interesting because it would place frivolous ‘pop’ songs next to ‘credible’ artists. It’s probably stretching it to call any of these ‘rock’, but they’re of the type admired by people who don’t generally buy records by Beyonce, etc.

Stripped of the genre tag, note for note, there’s really not much difference between the songs. Wallace Wylie pointed out what’s wrong with the package of pop. If you take that away, you’ve got some great music that the middle-aged chin-strokers would probably like if they just started thinking of it as music. For example:

Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Magic


Depeche Mode – World In My Eyes

You could probably have stuck ‘Magic’ on Violator and nobody would have noticed the difference, beyond thinking Dave Gahan’s voice was a little higher pitched than usual.

Lady Gaga – Bad Romance


Europe – The Final Countdown

Do you think she actually sat down and thought, “I’ll write a song that sounds like Europe”?

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