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Song of the day – 135: Town Bike

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I’m a sucker for any band that’s a sucker for early Ramones the same as me, especially if they have a female singer.

Of course, this sucker-dom can manifest itself in many ways. From Shonen Knife to Helen Love, from Soda Fountain Rag to Shop Assistants, from Vivian Girls to… ah Bangs alive, we’re going be here all day… to Town Bike, the interpretations and love are myriad and plentiful. Town Bike’s particular interpretation totally reminds me of all those great US homocore bands from the early 90s – y’know, Pansy Division and their ilk – and I rather like the gratuitous profanity.

As the website for their fine homespun UK record label Where It’s At Is Where You Are puts it:

for July we have two brand new tunes from Liverpool’s TOWN BIKE… equal parts Runaways, Ramones and Ronettes (the REAL three R’s that should be taught in school), TOWN BIKE are FUN! POWER! PUNK! POP! POP! POP!…

the sweet girl group intro to BASTARD HEART (yes, with THAT drum beat) paves the way for 1 piss, 2 shits, 6 bastards and 8 fucks, in less than two minutes… think SHAMPOO’s “Bouffant Headbutt” or LOVE BITES’ “You Broke My Heart”… think about them a LOT… i know i do…

I’ve written about Town Bike before.

Here’s a link to a free download of their single ‘Bastard Heart’.

It totally fucking rocks, you bastard pissing shit-fucker.

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