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Song of the day – 211: Hotpants Romance

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It seems almost inconceivable to me that I haven’t drawn your attention to the many-splendoured delights of Hotpants Romance before. This, after all, was the band of whose first album, Heatwave, I wrote, “Hotpants Romance are easily my perfect band this year or any other” just a few short years back.

The Lovely Eggs, yes.
Town Bike, yes – twice!
Shonen Knife, yes.
Dolly Mixture, yes.

Hotpants Romance, no.

So, Hotpants Romance have a second album out – The International Hotpants Romance – and it’s just as raucous and in love with the Ramones and The Shaggs and funny and brief and cute as the first, only more so. With added surfing. And even more smiling. And a genius one-minute song about fancying boys you’ve never met on the Internet called, um, ‘The Internet’. Which should be a seven-inch single. Tomorrow. There’s also a song that strays worryingly into three-minute territory (just)  but that’s OK. It’s for atmosphere. And it’s followed by the deadpan ‘You’re Not Funny’, the vocals on which make the description ‘tinny’ seem totally redundant. (‘OCD’ is the one for unrequited romantics and lovers of girl group harmonies.)

Incidentally, my favourite quote on the first album comes from Scratchy Buckles: “The vocals are brattish, the riffs are infectious and the drumming is insistent. Give’em an ASBO?, no siree!, give ’em a record contract and a slot on Jools Holland… I’d like to see him try and ‘boogie woogie’ along to this!” I also liked Hotpants Romance’s proud boast, “Three girls, three chords, three years!” I had no idea Robert Lloyd from the (totally genius) Nightingales put out that first album. Not so surprising, as his mid 80s label Vindaloo was also responsible for the genius early offerings from (We’ve Got A) Fuzzbox (And We’re Going To Use It).

No idea what I’m talking about? Here, have a gander.

Frankly, forthcoming single ‘Emails’ is worth playing to anyone who place a premium on music being played ‘properly’, just to see their faces. This, of course, is one of the highest recommendations Everett True could possibly give. It makes Skinned Teen sound pro. Skinned who? Oh for Bangs’ sake…

Here, let’s have another Hotpants Romance video, just in case anyone’s forgotten why we’re here. This one is for the absolutely sensational ‘It’s A Heatwave’ single from the debut album.

And here’s a genius Magnetic Fields cover. Way better than the original. Way better.* This should be the B-side of the seven-inch above. You listening, Cherryade?

*Not that I’ve heard the original, but there is absolutely no way it could be any better.

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