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 Everett True

Song of the day – 295: Blue Ribbon Glee Club (free download)

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Well. I never.

Those crazy Chicago hipster kids!

One day, someone sits down and goes, “Whoa. We’re pretty fucking cool. But you know who’s even cooler? The Polyphonic Spree.” [See, I told you they were crazy – Ed.] And all his mates sit around and tug at their beards, and play idly with the straps on their sandals, and nod sagely. Time to switch the record over to the new Panda Bear, and have a quick gander at Pitchfork’s tips for 2014. And then someone else, maybe that cool chick in the glasses who usually sits in a corner not saying much, brooding over her collection of Vivian Girls vinyl, goes, “Yeah, maybe. But you know who’s definitely even fucken cooler than that? Those school-kids who did all those cover versions of popular songs in the 70s.” And all her mates nod wisely, even though they’re not sure what she’s on about.

“What? Like those ones who sing on Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick In The Wall’,” sneers one self-satisfied sort. (He already plays in half-a-dozen post-Tortoise bands, and is looking to expand his repertoire to post-Radiohead. So he’s entitled.)

“No, you prick,” responds the Vivian Girls fan. “Langley Schools Music Project.”

Three months later….


The audio is better on this one.

But the video is better on this one.

And this one is simply my new favourite video.

And I’ll be damned if their record company hasn’t just given me a link to a free download of their rather, uh, lively version of Sleater-Kinney’s ‘Words And Guitar’.

Here, here it is! You can buy the whole caboodle here – and why the fuck not?

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