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Song of the day – 365: Tunabunny (a love song to Athens GA, part three)

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It was always going to end up here.

I’m often criticised for:

This seems unfair to me. Why would I need to write more when such eloquence is communicated so unequivocally within the medium of music, shouting and colourful visuals? I’m not sure that’s even a sentence. People are mistaking me for someone who gives a fuck about their opinions, or wants to impress. The reason I’m so drawn to Athens GA is because it seems like I would have myself a rare good time if I ever found myself there – I too could leap up and down and scream in harmony and pretend I know what rhythm is – the same way I once used to have myself a rare good time, travelling to Detroit and Olympia and Louisville and the Lower East Side – oh, I don’t know – Hobart. The streets are wide and paved with grey. The grass is green unless it’s burnt or isn’t. The costumes are cheap. The rent is low rise. Blocks are blocks are blocks blocks blocks.

So there’s Tunabunny, and there’s Supercluster, and there’s Green Thrift Grocery, and there’s doubtless fives and 10s more, and you wonder why I want to sing the place a song of love?

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