Everett True

Song of the day – 508: Dexys

Like washing a woman’s feet with champagne. It’s the anti-Adele.

 Scott Creney

Alabama Shakes – Boys & Girls (Rough Trade/ATO)

Hey, I’m a modern guy. I can dig that art in the 21st Century is all about collage and recontextualization. But as collage artists, Alabama Shakes are essentially just ripping a page out of a 1967 issue of Life magazine and showing to us. Actually, that’s giving them too much credit. Life magazine wrote about the world, Alabama Shakes just writes about Alabama Shakes.

 Everett True

‘The Muppets are raping Kurt Cobain’s memory’

Rock stars, huh? Fucking muppets.

 Everett True

Eleven records I’m embarrassed about liking

I can only put my liking for this down to some kind of sadomasochistic sexual attraction towards Dolores; her personality and her voice. I really can’t account for it otherwise

 Bianca Valentino

An Interview with Richard Russell of XL Recordings

“Music is what I believe in, in the way that some people have religion.”

 Wallace Wylie

Probably the Most Influential Manifesto of the Past 20 Years

Who started the fire? Arcade Fire did.

 Everett True


Forgot to buy Mother’s Day pressie? Never fear – we open at 10. Adele, Elbow, JoshTPearson, R’head, Iron & Wine, Low Anthem etc all in stock.


Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes (Atlantic)

The kitchen-sink clattering of Youth Novels has been replaced by enormous thunderous drums, multi-tracked heavenly choirs, and melodies that come in great trembling reverberations.