Everett True

REVIEWED IN PICTURES: Cat Power – Sun (Matador)



Letters from Rosie 8 – Best Coast and that Fleetwood Mac cover

Best Coast’s cover of ‘Rhiannon’ flung me into a sort of crisis the other day. When I heard it, I felt like crying. I felt really bad.

 Scott Creney

Alabama Shakes – Boys & Girls (Rough Trade/ATO)

Hey, I’m a modern guy. I can dig that art in the 21st Century is all about collage and recontextualization. But as collage artists, Alabama Shakes are essentially just ripping a page out of a 1967 issue of Life magazine and showing to us. Actually, that’s giving them too much credit. Life magazine wrote about the world, Alabama Shakes just writes about Alabama Shakes.

 Everett True

old grudges revisited: Courtney Love

But honey, you sure ain’t no Stevie Nicks. Or even Abba. Or evenThe Distillers.