Everett True

Song of the day – 447: of Montreal

This music, this song, makes me feel giddy with nausea and nauseous with delight.

 Princess Stomper

Because some comments ARE better than others

Listening to Thirlwell’s music makes me want to do better, generally, at everything.


An almost completely random collection of things I’ve loved so far in 2011

Yup, my heart is yours, you Scots, ‘unfaithful servants of filthy, fucking language’, as Mr Withered Hand says.

 Everett True

Patrick Wolf live @ The Zoo, 10.12.09

Animal Collective played Brisbane recently. I’d already spilled a mug of beer of my Pet Sounds CD, so I didn’t feel the need to duplicate the effect twice. I skipped across the Valley to where Patrick Wolf was putting on a stadium rock show – three costume changes! – in front of 100 people. He […]