Everett True

live recording of The Deadnotes + The Legend!

I was quite proud of my performance the other night at The Zoo. 

 Everett True

Song of the day – 300: The Clean (mini-live review)

I doubt if there’s a single person here who undervalues The Clean’s beauty, their vivid guitar storms punctuated by trebly guitar excess and bursts of down-home, deprecating humour.


The Books + High Places @ The Zoo, 19.2.11

The band members simply smiled wryly at the visual aid behind them and let it do the majority of the crowd interaction.


That Was The Year That Was 2010

Photographer Justin Edwards looks back over the Brisbane live scene in 2010. (This article was originally published on This Is Not A Photo Opportunity.)


Violent Soho + Scul Hazzards + Butcher Birds + The Seizures live @ The Zoo, 24.07.10

Three of Brisbane’s best bands, three bands I’ve photographed and blogged about so many times it’s hard to know what else I can say (plus opening band The Seizures, who I’d never seen before but who had my ears ringing well before the end of their set and me reaching for my ear plugs, a […]


Mark Lanegan live @ The Zoo, 06.07.10

As much as I really like Mark Lanegan, and all the music he’s been involved with, he’s not an easy subject to photograph, preferring to perform in extreme darkness with his eyes tightly shut. The cause isn’t helped tonight by being at The Zoo, which doesn’t have a photo pit and choosing the wrong side […]


I Used To Skate Once 6 live @ The Zoo, 24.06.10

With the best part of 90 minutes to kill before Hope Sandoval is due to start her set at The Tivoli, I Used To Skate Once 6 down the road at The Zoo means that I have something to do whilst I wait. Although previous years’ events have always been in my diary, this is […]

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