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by Brigette Adair Herron

Melody has the power to kill.
You will be consumed within the arches of its sound.

You are not paying attention as it sneaks up behind you.
You are muttering to yourself.
You are saying their words.

The vibrations hover over your larynx like a rich cake.
Vibrations travel through your ears and begin to change your body chemistry.
Parts move.
You become aware of the difference between your deliberate and uncontrolled movements.
You become desperate to work out their cipher.

Because it is beautiful it will feel as though you have been waiting for it your entire life.
You find yourself in the car.
You will drive and drive and drive.
This music is playing.
You are instantly welcomed.
You are isolated from your friends and family.
But don’t you like to dance?

Melody has the power to kill.
Cults is the sound of falling in love with yourself.
Cults is double suicide, possibly more.

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