A Love Letter to Tearist

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by Brigette Adair Herron

Oh Tearist, I can feel the vibrations of guilt and terror from your drum machine. Your singer who squeals and spits, flops and flails in some bizarre Hot Topic potato sack — she throws down a railroad spike and gives birth to a house of convex mirrors. I hope each of our voices becomes as hoarse as the one we hear now, whether we are shouting for the advancement of our civilization or shouting down our innermost evils.

Your album Living: 2009-Present is composed entirely of live recordings made by members of your audience. We hear you just as you are, and that is enough. At your most natural, you present us with something very different and quite unnatural in terms of how we view modern music. It begs the question: why should a studio recording, with multiple takes, layers of overdubs, compression and the complex science of mixing and mastering be presented as the “real thing”?

This gives me the impression that you are interested in honesty and a level of openness that is inherently missing from the majority of music recorded in a studio. And oh Tearist, how I hope it is true!

And thanks for doing this Kate Bush cover. It helped me get the Director’s Cut taste out of my mouth. If you all come over to my house I will make you tea and we can listen to The Dreaming all day long.

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