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A Week in the life of Jeff Pollack, Collapse Board Superstar – week 3

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by Everett True and Wallace Wylie

The third instalment in the widely-discussed and far-reaching series from Collapse Board’s own upper-middle-management music industry superstar, Jeff Pollack.

Day one
If you’re anything like me, you’ll be waiting in anticipation for the release of the new Fleet Foxes album. Two tracks have been heard so far and they do not disappoint. With their usual blend of tom drum, acoustic guitar and harmonies, the vibe is both comforting and highly original. Trust me when I tell you, that bands this good don’t come around very often. Pull up a chair, turn off the phone and cancel that upper-management lunch you had planned, because when you hear those three-part harmonies, all bets are off.

Day two
I appreciate all the opinions and feedback the first two columns in this series have received. It never ceases to astonish me how passionate and eloquent music fans are. There have rightly been some observations that my previous two columns failed to mention the joy of the morning’s first mouthwash. I do not want to play the “this part of the morning’s routine is more important than that part of this morning’s routine” game, but don’t you think this might be because drinking a coffee is more sublime? Do mouthwashes stand up to the same scrutiny as coffee, year after year? How do they measure up to the great beverages that came before? These are some of the questions that concern me whenever I sit down to write this column.

Day five
It’s been six and a half years since we lost Ol’ Dirty Bastard. There’s been a lot of water passing underneath the bridge since then.

Day seven
Have you ever noticed while waiting for a bus that sometimes you’ll wait for an hour, and then three will show up at once?! Not that I’ve waited for a bus for years.

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