Collapse Board Goes To The Big Day Out 2011

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At the seventh time of trying I finally got a photo pass for the Big Day Out.  My greatest weakness when it comes to photographing festivals is making sure I make the most of the opportunity and photograph as much as possible. So 20 bands photographed and one Tweet per band. If you don’t already, you can follow Collapse Board on Twitter here.

#bdo band #1 Bleeding Knees Club A more hipster version of DZ. Poppier songs about teenage girls. With basecall caps.

#bdo band #2 The Founds Floor tom? Check. Violin? Xylophone? Check. 2x female singers? Check. Not too bad even if 0/10 for originality.

#bdo band #3 The Naked & Famous The new Roxette for the triple j/Nova crossover audience/consumer.

#bdo band #4 Blonde On Blonde Never seen them b4 , very oz rock but really enjoyed it. Good to photograph too. Off to the main stage next.

#bdo band #5 Dead Letter Circus I’m too old/not angry enough/not Australian enough for this.

#bdo band #6 Jim Jones Revue Woah! Could have watched/photographed that for the whole set. Instead I’m spoiling it to go photo Airbourne.

#bdo band #7 Airborne I’m too old/not Australian enough for this… I don’t mind AC/DC though. Good British band.

#bdo band #8 CSS Poor little CSS. They’ve dropped off the radar a bit. They don’t sound as vibrant as they used to but still fun to photo.

#bdo band #9 andrew wk Lol.

#bdo band #10 Die Antwoord Crazy. Don’t stand in the front row if you don’t want a large South African dude landing on your head.

#bdo band #11 Plan B Really BDO? Why not go the whole hog and get simply red next year.

#bdo band #12 Deftones Didn’t bands stop using DJs in about 1998?

#bdo band #13 Crystal Castles Had to photo from side stage. From up there it sounded like someone jumping up and down on a broken ankle.

#bdo band #14 Matt & Kim Why are female drummers always so happy whereas guy drummers always look in serious pain? And what a drummer too.

#bdo band #15 Edward Sharpe & MZs Only see one song. It goes on for about 15 mins. File under ‘festival band’.

#bdo band #16 Wolfmother Stockdale has added Jagger pout & moves and Daltrey fringed jacket to his repertoire. Song 3 = Baba O’Riley.

#bdo band #17 Stooges Nothing prepares you for seeing Iggy’s skin in real life… Mix is terrible. All bass one side, all guitar the other.

#bdo NOT bands #18/19 Rammstein & Tool want me to sign shitty contracts.Tool want to own my photos. I don’t sign, I don’t photo, I don’t see.

#bdo band #18 Primal Scream Hit or miss live. Tonight is superb, so much better than 2009 ATP. Tent 1/4 full. I blame the youth of today…

#bdo band #19 LCD Soundsystem I love Bowie & their/his last album was really Bowie c78-80. Fantastic live band, so stay & see most of set.

#bdo band #20 Grinderman Nick Cave is relishing life as a guitarist, really hamming it up. Last band of the day is loudest band of the day.

More photos from the day here and here.

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