Everett True

Plan B Magazine #0 – the alternative covers

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Here are a selection of the different photographs, designs and logos we were looking at for the first cover of Plan B Magazine. Most of these weren’t serious contenders: some of the visuals were drawn from Careless Talk Costs Lives, used so we could mock up dummy designs; The Von Bondies weren’t ever a real contender – the interview was too negative – but we loved Sarah’s photographs, and all agreed could look great on a cover; a Chicks On Speed photograph would’ve been nice, but we really wanted to make a statement by using one of Andrew’s illustrations. The one with all the tags highlighting bands’ names nearly ended up as the cover proper. We decided reasonably early we really liked the handwriting for use as the main cover-line and logo, but joked for months afterwards about how the title of the magazine was actually Plon B (with an ‘o’).

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