Rihanna and the case of the sexual no-no’s

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I’ll admit it – I loathe Rihanna.

I think she’s a talentless mass-marketed product produced simply to sell sex to the general public in as non-threatening a manner as possible. Has she ever even performed a song that contained more than a few words repeated endlessly until they lose all meaning? That being said, I was stunned by the backlash her newest single has received. After all, hasn’t she been doing the whole bondage/dominatrix/whore thing for her entire career?

But apparently something about ‘S&M’ got under people’s skin to the extent that there are reports of it being banned. It can’t be the explicit lyrics or sexual tones – that’s why the public loves her. It must be the mention of the mass media “sexual no-nos” – sadomasochism. A point proved by the changing of the song title for the UK – apparently the totally bland and unoriginal ‘S&M ’is unacceptable, but the equally bland ‘Come On’ is OK. So in the interest of working out if the song and film clip are worth the fuss, I’ve decided to do some complaint sandwiches! My mother would be so proud.

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