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Song of the day – 201: Nico’s Bike

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Some wonderful abrasive, melodic stuff with lots of killer muted brass and stomach-wobbling guitar noises from the just-formed Nico’s Bike. Female vocals chastise. Female vocals jiggle, with fire and fury. Female vocals make like there was no need to record a bad song no not never no how. I was tipped off to this splenetic outpouring – don’t you think there’s something wonderfully PragVEC about ‘Sharkbait’? – by Andy, formerly of the outrageously sulky but brilliant Action Painting!, who were the only group this side of Orange Juice to ever truly get Subway Sect. Andy threw one word my way – former Glaswegian Riot Grrrls/Yummy Fur sister band Lungleg… um, not all those words. Just ‘Lungleg’. More specifically, Mo Quinn from Lungleg, her first band in 13 years. There’s something deliciously Gina Birch about ‘Angel Trigonometry’, don’t you agree? I saw Lungleg supporting Huggy Bear one time, and they were brilliant in their brusqueness – but I have a feeling I’d enjoy Nico’s Bike even more. It really is my music.

My favourite Nico’s Bike ‘demo’ is the splendidly catchy and mischievous ‘Into Fire’. You can hear that song direct at my Tumblr blog – or you can visit Mo’s Soundcloud page and hear the entire caboodle of demos.

Someone, preferably kill rock stars or Domino Records, sign them now!

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