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Song of the day – 313: Dorothy

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I don’t do requests on this series. Not usually. But when the person requesting is Monorail Music, and they’re asking for Dorothy as a follow-up to the recent Family Fodder entry then … well, dude. Listen. Monorail are equal to Thurston or kicking_k in my book, far as recommendations go.

This is what they wrote on Twitter:

How about Dorothy – ‘I Confess’ for a future song of the day? Always seemed slightly bizarre on Industrial but then TG had their sickly pop side. Subway Sect shout-out which is cool.

Absolutely. My pleasure. For Monorail, and all other purveyors (and creators) of fine music everywhere, I give you the only song that has EVER rhymed “Subway Sect” with “Musique Concrete”:

There’s some information in a blog linked to the YouTube that if you’re interested you can click on, and find out more. It’s quite extensive! I mean, really – quite extensive! Damn. Those crazy Industrial Records cats.

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