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Song of the day – 318: 8 Eye Spy

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Some fine skewed Chinese femme-led No Wave.  Honest to Bangs, isn’t that phrase enough on its own to intrigue you?

I’ve featured 8 Eye Spy in this series before, indeed for this selfsame CD, How Damn Far to YinMa Lane?. Back then it hadn’t just been released in Australia by the wonderful folk over at Tenzenmen, though. Now it has. It’s still a damn awesome album: guitars that scour and chide and grate like Rowland S Howard or that dude from Television, drums that rattle more often than roll, trebly as all fuck, silence as a weapon, female vocals that just about threatens to peel the graffiti from the walls, random shit, maybe even an abrasive violin or two, jazz skronk (but of course) … you can’t help thinking Ecstatic Peace have missed a trick or five by not releasing this over in the States. I mean, fucking nice. Reminds me of UT most of all and that is a totally high compliment. Tension. Agility. Confrontation.

Check out the album. Really. Should go do a storm with the Eternal Soundcheck/Disembraining Machine crew.

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