Everett True

Song of the day – 664: Edible Arrangements

Song of the day – 664: Edible Arrangements

Think somewhere between Pram and early Broadcast, that cerebral and slightly krautrocky, wide-eyed and naîve psychedelia, free of drug-addled influence and wah-pedals – but also not at all.

 Scott Creney

Melody’s Echo Chamber – S/T (Fat Possum)

Guitars dissolve in smudged razors, pushpins hidden in your lipstick. There may or may not be a horror show lurking within your candyfloss.


Hong Kong In The 60s – My Fantoms (Proper Songs)

I have a new favorite band and they have quickly dominated my heart.

 Everett True

BLATANT AD: free tickets to see Broadcast live in Australia: BLATANT AD

The way free giveaways usually work is this. You get to sign up to some dumb mailing list that you spend the next six months desperately trying to unsubscribe from You get to answer some dumb question relating to the band and/or record label and/or website, thereby giving the spurious illusion that there is some […]