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An Excessively Exhaustive Look at 10 Interesting Pieces of Music from 2011 | Matt O’Neill

At the risk of sounding overly hyperbolic, I think the best – or, at the very least, most interesting – records stand outside time.

 Matt O'Neill

Remembering The CD

Mediums are like genres. They don’t die. They just stop being cool.

 Matt O'Neill

THE WTF REVIEW: Ball Park Music – Happiness And Surrounding Suburbs (Stop Start/EMI)

Ball Park Music’s debut album is – and this is as much a compliment as an insult – musical premature ejaculation.

 Matt O'Neill


You ratchet up the intensity with breakbeat and raver music. This is absinthe and lemonade.

 Matt O'Neill

thoughts on the new Washington song, ‘Holy Moses’

‘Holy Moses’ is potentially the single best song Washington’s ever released.

 Matt O'Neill

NAPT – Emotion EP (Red Sugar)

NAPT seem to have grown tired of experimenting with structure and layers and have instead decided to try and create something novel by messing with the fundamental sounds of their work.

 Matt O'Neill

Exercise Music I: Fast Music, Slow Walky

I’ve always shied away from dubstep records because spaced-out mid-tempo grooves are about as conducive to stimulating exercise as a warm glass of milk

 Matt O'Neill

Africa HiTech – ‘Out In The Streets’ (Warp)

entranced, volatile, enraged, elevated, attenuated, aggressive, aroused

 Matt O'Neill

Australian Beats EP Reviews Pt 1: Blunt Instrument’s ‘Twice Baked’

Over the past three months, there has been an influx of EPs from quality Australian dance producers – especially the Brisbane sector. In recognition of this fact, I have chosen to do a review series focussing on the three most interesting releases. First, ‘Twice Baked’ by Brisbane breaks/glitch-hop two-piece Blunt Instrument.

 Everett True

Song of the day – 285: Speaker Wrath

Local recommendation this time. Always nice. Two reasons. First, because of this comment from Matt O’Neill: I think we’ve long past the point of accessible exposure and network avalanches. In fact, I’d say the ease of accessing exposure over the past few years has led to it being almost more inaccessible than it ever has been. […]