Everett True

Of course, it doesn’t count when women or blacks do it. Part 2.

Just thought I’d spell this out. So sexism doesn’t exist in the music industry in 2011, huh?

 Everett True

the 20 most searched terms on Collapse Board (March 2011)

There must be a ton of pissed-off Korn fans out there


PJ Harvey @ The Troxy, London, 27.02.11

On a drab arterial road in Shadwell, in an art deco theatre, we wait in silence. There’s no support act or music to soothe us, just the sound of muttered conversation.

 Everett True

Song of the day – 290: PJ Harvey (a mini-review)

Sure, I’m as intrigued as anyone. She polarises. Much of me wants to hate her, for the preciousness that surrounds her, the way she receives accolades usually reserved for male artists – why is it never the other way around? – for her treatment of music as art. Someone is putting her in for the […]

 Jean Encoule

PJ Harvey – Let England Shake (Island)

In these end days of the overlong, the indulgent, the much wrought and the expansive, Polly’s clarity, brevity, strength and depth are much to her credit