The Collapse Board Interview: Barry Burns (Mogwai)

The Collapse Board Interview: Barry Burns (Mogwai)

Taking time out from rehearsals for a live TV performance – “I can’t tell you what the program is as we’ve signed a form that says we can’t tell anyone” – Collapse Board talks to Mogwai’s Barry Burns about the band’s latest album, the score to the sci-fi/crime drama, KIN, and some of the other soundtracks they have been involved in.

Looking back at growing up in the UK in the 1970s and talking about it with others who went through it, there’s a sense of a shared generational trauma, one that was beamed straight into your lounge room every day through the TV.  From watching Doctor Who from behind the sofa, to creepy TV show […]

 Scott Creney

The Only Apple Music Article You Need To Read

The Only Apple Music Article You Need To Read

By Scott Creney So when you first join up there’s all these goddamned floating circles and you’re supposed to pick your favorite genre of music from a bunch of categories that are so broad & vague as to be meaningless: alternative, electronic, pop, rock, oldies, etc. But you can’t see all the bubbles at once […]


Dear Bands, Don’t Be Dicks

There are albums that I can’t even THINK of listening to now, after meeting the people who made them.

 Princess Stomper

Line-ups that make (or break) the band

Sometimes every member makes (or breaks) the band.