Everett True

an interview with The Weekly Volcano about Riot Grrrl

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Jason Baxter sent me the following questions as part of his research for an article he was writing for the Tacoma/Olympia alternative weekly, The Weekly Volcano. The article has since been published, under the title Revolution Girl-Style: Then and Now. How did you hear about Morgan And The Organ Donors and Weird TV? Do you make […]

 Everett True

21 femme-led pop/punk recommendations from Facebook – the Top 4

Yes, it’s X Factor time over here at Collapse Board as we announce the Top 4 bands from the previous post, as voted for by YOU, our readers. The four bands, as promised, will feature in Everett True’s next ‘First Ladies Of Rock’ column for the wonderful Bust magazine. Unless, of course, the editors say […]

 Everett True

21 femme-led pop/punk recommendations from Facebook

VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITES! The four entries with the most votes I’ll feature in my next Bust column.