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 Bianca Valentino

Celeste Potter of Ouch My Face — The Collapse Board Interview

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What musicians inspired you? I read that growing up you had aspirations of being Slash?

Yeah totally! [Laughs] I really, really loved Guns N’ Roses. I really, really wanted to be Slash. Michael Jackson is my hero. No bands ever came to Mt Gambier. They started coming when I was about 17. The first show that I ever saw was Regurgitator – I snuck into the nightclub.

Was that your first brush with independent music?

Yeah, I don’t’ think I had ever seen a gig before. There was no such thing as a music community. If people were into music it probably meant that they listened to Nirvana in their bedroom and had a guitar [laughs].

When did you first move to Melbourne?

I first moved to Melbourne in 2002. I got into RMIT, art school here. I moved to Melbourne for that reason. That was my introduction to everything awesome!

When you first got to Melbourne how did you first experience the city?

I hated it. Every chance I got I would go deep into the Botanic Gardens until I couldn’t hear the cars anymore and I would just sit there. I wasn’t used to someone being everywhere that I wanted to be and having to drive for half an hour to get anywhere. I really struggled with that being from the country. It was a massive shock. Every time I went into the city I would get such a sore neck from looking up all the time at these massive buildings — I don’t even look at them anymore.

What was the first Ouch My Face song you ever wrote?

‘Knockout’. It’s on the EP, we wrote that quite a few years ago now.

One of the first songs you guys recorded together was a song about Weetbix wasn’t it?

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. We weren’t really Ouch My Face then. We were just friends that didn’t know anyone else getting drunk at night and recording anything that came to mind [laughs]. I don’t even know if we still have that. It was just a total metal song about Weetbix [laughs].

I’ve seen a description of Ouch My Face’s music as being “a mix between Bjork and Rage Against The Machine” do you think that’s accurate?

I can see why they could say it sounds like Rage Against The Machine because it’s kind of heavy but still got that funk bounce to it — it’s really metal but you still want to move to it. Bjork, I’m pretty intrigued by that comparison because I’m really quite obsessed with Bjork. I have all her DVDs and all her records. All my art through uni and art school was always, always, always referencing her and things she said. I wonder if sometimes it’s come out in a different way that the person picked up on or something. I certainly don’t think we sound like Bjork — I wish we did! I don’t think there is any way that I can make music like that!

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