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 Bianca Valentino

Celeste Potter of Ouch My Face — The Collapse Board Interview

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What do you think it is that makes the Melbourne art and music community so vibrant?

Maybe it’s because it’s so cold and people have to spend a lot of timeWhat do you think it is that makes the Melbourne art and music community so vibrant inside, there’s not a lot of beaching and sport and lazing around as much. Maybe if it was really nice and sunny we’d never get anything done. I don’t know [laughs]. It’s funny because it’s just a location isn’t it? I know that in Sydney and Brisbane now it’s hard for musicians because of licensing laws, it makes it hard for people to gather. Brisbane doesn’t have venues anymore, they’re all closing down, what can you do? If you have an infrastructure that aids live music then I guess that’s a start.

Do you think Australian music in general is interesting at the moment?

That’s an interesting question. Yeah, I think it’s always interesting. It’s in a state of flux, there’s just so many changes happening in music at the moment, especially with recording and what format people can get music on. People aren’t really buying CDs anymore. It’s becoming more increasingly interesting in how people are trying to get people to buy their music. In terms of interesting music in itself there’s always someone doing something interesting.

I’m so glad that you said that, so many times I hear a lot of people complaining that there’s no good music and it gets so annoying because there’s always someone somewhere doing something amazing! You just have to open your eyes and ears!

Exactly! You can’t just bag out a whole country or city.

On your Facebook this morning you mentioned you wanted to start a band like OOIO!


That’s so exciting!

Yeah I’d love to. I’ve been in a band with guys for years and they smell fucking bad [laughs], they’re dudes! I’d really like to start a band with a bunch of girls for something different. Not that I don’t love my band; I love them, they’re a couple of my best friends in the whole world. Sometimes I feel it would be nice to have something fresh to work on musically.

I was so stoked to see your FB comment: Listen to OOIO. At our house we love them and don’t really know anyone else that even knows about that band. [Have a look inside Plan B #0, here — Ed]

They’re brilliant.


I ordered their CD off the internet because I saw that the girl drummer from Boredoms had a band and I thought that has to be brilliant. I hadn’t even heard anything of theirs before I ordered it.

What other bands are you into at the moment?

I really like Liars. I’m loving Boris and Boredoms.

What other projects are you working on right now? You’re a commercial animator/director and illustrator.

I’m doing a couple of album covers. I’m working on a film clip at the moment, it’s kind of a secret though but I think it’s going to be very exciting — it’s one of my favourite things that I have ever done. Just making pictures for people who make music.

How do you feel about making art for others? I guess kind of like ‘art to order’ almost.

Yeah well, I guess I don’t really think of it like that. I like to make pictures that go with music. It’s just one of my favourite things to do. I like it a lot. Sometimes I think about it in ways like I think about images from the past — sentimentally. When I think about when I was 13 I try to remember pictures from when I was 13, they were always album covers like Nevermind and Siamese Dream, stuff like that. In one way they’re important like that but in another they’re really not important, that’s why I like making posters for gigs. It’s a nice kind of sadness, after the gig they’re completely useless.

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