Mike Turner

2012 & the Abysmal Company You Kept

Dum Dum Girls had a massive year — the Coke Zero of the indie world. You know, same taste as the original formula but not as filling.


Another letter to the poor sods at Uncool magazine…

“Mumford & Sons’ singular importance in rock’s current moment cannot be underestimated,” is not a sentence I ever imagined I’d read.


Mumford & Sons know which side they’re on. And it ain’t yours.

Mumford & Sons playing the White House is the embodiment of the cultural logic of this Tory-led administration, and of British capitalism in general. Musicians are no longer the minstrels the ruling class hire for the occasion. These days they recruit their own. It’s safer that way.

 Everett True

One-word reviews? Here are 20 more

Witness, and pay tribute at the throne of the One, the Only, the True Word.

 Wallace Wylie

Top 10 Disney Songs of All Time

They really don’t write ‘em like this anymore.


‘Class’ of 2011

It’s like writing a hit on toilet behaviour; it happens but we don’t have to make a song or dance about it.

 Everett True

A couple of observations about the ARIA Awards 2010

Congratulations to Temper Trap, winners of Most Popular Australian Single. A single so popular that it’s won the award two whole years after it was released


BigStrongBrute – We Can Sleep Under Trees In The Morning EP (independent)

Paul Donoughue (aka the man behind indie-folk ‘band’ BigStrongBrute) is a son of a bitch. He makes things look so easy. First off, he was part of the great band Tragic/Athletic, a band that started out as a snot-nosed noise-punk band seemingly highly indebted to Turnpike (no bad thing) before maturing into something much more […]