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By Ian Wieczorek

EDITOR’S NOTE: To understand this blog entry, you probably need to be familiar with this post (to which this was originally a response). I’ve reprinted it, because if I ever did have any sort of mentor figure in music – this fellow was it. I wouldn’t read too much into that, just that this is by way of paying a belated tribute. And fuck yeah, ‘course we disagreed about most everything. I find it interesting to note his cut-off point for references: makes sense where I’m coming from – and also in relation to the sort of music I was double-guessing he’d enjoy in 2013. If you’re not familiar with the names he’s citing as way of making sense of the music he’s hearing, it’s well worth following the electronic trails.

So yeah. These are total recommendations, peer-reviewed and everything for you academic dorks out there.

And here is Scrabble – the band that initially excited this merriment of nostalgia and nowness – for you once more.


Hi Jerry
Thanks for taking the trouble to do this. I thought I’d respect the exercise and give at least a vaguely considered response to the variously dirty dozen. So here goes:


Los Cripis 

Putting the Ut into Country…
Yeah, like this, naïve charm like the Raincoats, but sultry too.


Go Genre Everything

The Fire Engines plus Kleenex vocals with the loose/loucheness of a Vi Subversa – and what’s not to love about Kleenex vocals? (But where did the track Dream of eternal youth come from…?)

Vacant Valley Bandcamp


So cute you’d even pet the tuna…

‘SLACKJAWED’ in its entire fiery entirety. LISTEN TO IT!!! NOW!

The Bastards Of Fate

This one kicks shit! Seriously genius. The bastard offspring wit and deconstruction of Mayo Thompson and David Thomas. Want more. Now. Right now. LOVE IT!


Hipp(s)yschedelic. Gotta be art school types, right?


Blurt @ 78rpm. 57 secs of madgic. I sense the ghost of Ted Milton prowling the inner sleeve…

d-Wizz 2.0

The wedding band from heaven and hell. Early Birthday Party meets the Nightingales, and just a splash of Mark E Smith, shaken, not stirred.

Jib Kidder

New Country for the ambient generation? LOVE the video.

The Deadnotes  (minus The Legend!)

The Laughing Clowns at a funeral. Ed Kuepper slips an approving grin.

The Pheremoans

Nightingales meet the Fall. With humour. Like it.

Primitive Calculators

Crass, no? But without the wit of Penny Rimbaud’s percussion.

Hissey Miyake

Fancy a spot of Lunch? Anaemic fun. Me like.

So what does this tell us? That I still have a musical bone in my body? That we all reference from the familiar? That nothing is new? To my mind, it’s all about telling something true. And therein lies the spark. Thanks again, really enjoyed the dig, and found at least one rough diamond to cherish forever.
Con mucho gusto.

PS If you want to recycle any of the above, feel free…

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