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A Dissenter Among the Nevermind Accolades

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We're the Meatmen And You Suck

I saw this reminiscence from the legendary Tesco Vee, at this website:

In 1991 yours truly was about as far from the Pacific Northwest as one could be — physically, spiritually and, as it turned out, musically — in my little Washington DC abode. Needless to say I never jumped this Nirvana bandwagon, ’cause like an old salmon swimming against a torrent of Nirvana worship, I thought it blew. Now wipe that smug look of incredulity off your mug, it’s one man’s opinion here. The fact that Cobain was a self-absorbed and drug-addled putz who had very poor taste in women is neither here nor there. The fact that hair-metal rock pigs blame Nirvana for killing their musical careers — well I got news for them, their pathetic coke-fueled cock-rockin’ charade was already flopping around like a mackerel on the hot pavement, and if Nirvana did put that shit out of business — well at least they did one thing I liked!

For a guy who didn’t care about them, he sure did write a wonderful song regarding the legacy of the band:

That is all.

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