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Song of the day – 172: Chin Chin

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Some fucking killer girl-punk from the Eighties, from Switzerland: friends and contemporaries and musical peers and label-mates of Shop Assistants: abrasive, melodic, sometimes filled with sadness, other times just a raucous blast of pure entertainment!

According to the sleeve notes for the Slumberland reissue of their one album, 1985’s Sound Of The Westway, I interviewed them in a Wendy’s burger bar behind Paddington Station for the NME. I have no recollection of that, sadly: and oddly, because I MUST have had a crush on at least two of their members: but I have total recollection of how much I loved this band, and in particular the song ‘Stop! Your Crying’ which I made Single Of The Week for NME a year or so later and which, very oddly indeed, isn’t included whatsoever on the Slumberland reissue. Fourteen other songs are, though, on beautiful 12-inch vinyl.

Here’s what they sounded like (you can preview the album at this page). They almost out-Fizzbombed the Fizzbombs! And they certainly shared a love for Ramones.

Damn it. I can still only link you to this rather dodgy ancient video, more grrrl-punk than girl-punk if you catch my drift.

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