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 Everett True

Song of the day – 285: Speaker Wrath

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Local recommendation this time. Always nice.

Two reasons.

First, because of this comment from Matt O’NeillI think we’ve long past the point of accessible exposure and network avalanches. In fact, I’d say the ease of accessing exposure over the past few years has led to it being almost more inaccessible than it ever has been.

Case in point: Brisbane drum’n’bass act Speaker Wrath. They’ve been going for over ten years and have been tied into every major social media outlet for musicians over the course of that time (and in a community that is infinitely more online-savvy and interconnected than most other communities). Furthermore, they’re among the greatest producers of their kind in the country. Yet – how many people outside of Brisbane (or, hell, in Brisbane) have heard of them?

I think to assume that the internet will inevitably allow good ideas to acquire good audiences is to reveal a fundamental lack of perspective and understanding regarding the scope of the internet and the nature of its communities. The internet has made the potential for communication and exposure greater but it has also made consolidation and isolation infinitely more natural. A person could spend their entire life on the internet and never even know about a one-time major search engine like Dogpile. What hope does one good idea have?

Second (and more importantly: the music is always more important), because of this.

Sooner or later, it’s going to become a shadowy, post-apocalyptic world with jittery weather-moods and folk who hide in the storm drains waiting to jump you, people (hell, it’s easy enough to imagine the CBD already with no people, just the occasional calling cockatoo) so you might as well get ready. This is a little bit Room 40, a little bit 1995 and a lot bit nice.

Yes, a lot bit.

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