Andrew McMillen

Robert Forster: 15 Songs About Brisbane

On Saturday, 18 September 2010, Robert Forster performed 15 Songs About Brisbane at the Brisbane Powerhouse. This is what he said between songs. Lee Remick: “Thank you for coming out tonight. We’ve got a big program tonight. We have to be finished by 11 o’clock. Noise complaints. People live near the Powerhouse, in an arts […]

 Everett True

You should know this about me. I like Robert Forster. I really don’t like Phil Collins.

So imagine my outrage on Saturday night. There were only a couple of minutes to go before Robert’s ’15 Songs About Brisbane’ set at the Powerhouse’s outdoor amphitheatre. We were sat in place, excited – a little chilled, but mostly excited as it’s rare indeed we get to spend an evening out together, let alone […]