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The original transcript of The Guardian Robert Forster interview

The original transcript of The Guardian Robert Forster interview

It was a privilege to interview Robert. He’s a real gent. I’ve included a handful of notes I made at the start, some of which made it into the final Guardian article, albeit in expertly edited form. We start off discussing the sound of cicadas, the fact his wife can hear him down the phone […]

 Everett True

Song of the day – 624: The John Steel Singers

Song of the day – 624: The John Steel Singers

Nice way of putting it. Sunny QLD krautrock. So close to an oxymoron, and two ‘genres’ which very possibly should never be allowed to cross-pollinate… one thinks… but, yeah I like it.

 Wallace Wylie

Fading Celluloid and Fading Memories – The Artistic Triumph of The Go-Betweens’ Before Hollywood

Its genius remains undimmed.


Andrew McMillen on interviews (Ed’s note: mandatory reading for any media student)

Treat every interview as if it’s the most important thing in the world, just for that 15 minutes or half hour or hour, even if it’s not. Boring interviews are still boring on paper.

 Everett True

five more reasons why I’m still cooler than you

I’ve had too much coffee.


The Collapse Board interview – The John Steel Singers

“There was a band called Wire that we were listening to quite a lot during recording. And they have all of these two-minute pop songs that are just clean and sound awesome, and then they’ve got a dirty, seven-minute track next.”

 Andrew McMillen

Robert Forster: 15 Songs About Brisbane

On Saturday, 18 September 2010, Robert Forster performed 15 Songs About Brisbane at the Brisbane Powerhouse. This is what he said between songs. Lee Remick: “Thank you for coming out tonight. We’ve got a big program tonight. We have to be finished by 11 o’clock. Noise complaints. People live near the Powerhouse, in an arts […]

 Everett True

You should know this about me. I like Robert Forster. I really don’t like Phil Collins.

So imagine my outrage on Saturday night. There were only a couple of minutes to go before Robert’s ’15 Songs About Brisbane’ set at the Powerhouse’s outdoor amphitheatre. We were sat in place, excited – a little chilled, but mostly excited as it’s rare indeed we get to spend an evening out together, let alone […]