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The return of Everett True | 74. Crayola Lectern

The return of Everett True | 74. Crayola Lectern

I am way, way late here. (Note to self: mention where they can hear and/or buy album. Mention how fine the album is.) Somehow I manage to avoid writing about Chris every time the opportunity arises (perhaps out of a misguided inner sense of ethics – he is one of my closest friends and musical […]

 Scott Creney

A.R. Kane – The Complete Singles Collection (One Little Indian)

The missing link between Robert Wyatt and Disco Inferno, A. R. Kane sounded equally at home in the club as in the bedroom, under the stars and in the studio.


Howard Monk | Things I am embarrassed about – Number one in a series

So you’ll have these obscure bands being lauded, and mortals like us trying to figure out just what it was that XXXX found in their music.

 Everett True

Whitney Houston sings Robert Wyatt (a.k.a. the greatest Whitney cover never heard)

I just thought a few of you might be interested.

 Scott Creney

Guided By Voices – Let’s Go Eat The Factory (Fire)

Robert Pollard’s language is a universe that is both abstract and familiar, a poetry informed by gray skies and basements, used cars and starch.


Over the last few days, half of England burned. The other half talked witless bollocks about it.

Truth dies when news stories are reduced to binaries: good, evil, black, white, them, us. Difficult concepts are dumbed down into sound bites. We click ‘like’ and make a cup of tea.


William D Drake – The Rising Of The Lights (Onomatopoeia)

There is no such thing as a casual Cardiacs fan.

 Everett True

something I was wrong about

I’m sometimes asked if I ever change my mind after a review has been published. Yes, I do. Here’s one example.

 Everett True

Song of the Day – 309: Family Fodder

You can hear elements of everyone that mattered … Swell Maps, New Age Steppers, This Heat, The Door And The Window, ATV, Twelve Cubic Feet, Robert Wyatt, The Raincoats, Arthur Russell, The Slits …

 Everett True

Spotlight – 14: Gablé

Again, a case of accidental discovery via iTunes. I’m increasingly of the opinion this is a fine and noble way to discover music, if you can manage it. I’ve spent several fruitless afternoons in Rocking Horse Records, trying to think of an album to buy – discounted Death, cos I’d been promised that: discounted Monks, cos […]