Blank Realm + Songs + Bare Grillz @ The Cambridge Hotel, 02.10.10

This show was part of the annual This Is Not Art/Sound Summit festival. I’ve never seen so many people at a show in Newcastle – the place was packed. Memories of this night for me are pretty much a blur, a lack of self-restraint wiped me out early on and that’s why video cameras rule. BLANK […]

 Everett True

notes from an email to an organiser of Sound Summit…

…I’m happy for you to come up with the questions, thanks Chris. The dialogue between myself and Shaun Prescott over the Washington review is interesting, gratuitous personal insults aside. He thinks it’s pointless to focus on the mediocrity that always exists (and I can understand that attitude because it means less space is actually given over […]

 Everett True

sound summit

So I thought I’d give a short plug to this DIY/independent/experimental music conference happening in Newcastle, 30 September – 4 October. I wouldn’t have volunteered to participate if I hadn’t thought it interesting. (This is not a complete lie. My tolerance for music industry conventions (alternative or otherwise) is generally very low. I don’t even […]