Tobi Vail

Hello from Olympia, WA – 2: Morgan And The Organ Donors, Hooded Hags + The Maxines, live at the Midnight Sun

I like a band that takes the time to dress up, it makes them seem cohesive and prepared.

 Bianca Valentino

Molly Neuman — The Collapse Board Interview

Molly Neuman is one amazing lady! — a musician, the original Riot Grrrl, business woman and so much more.

 Bianca Valentino

Nathan Howdeshell – The Collapse Board Interview

I don’t view music as a competition at all.

 Everett True

Song of the day – 101: Rizzo

The shortest entrant in the Song of The Day lists yet, courtesy of the Grrl Band Geek blog. (Incidentally, mate: grrl should have three ‘r’s. I thought this out years ago: two indicates it’s just a slightly crap, alternate spelling of ‘girl’. Three indicates venom, power, PASSION.) Who or what were RIZZO!? Damn, how could […]