Scott Creney

U.S. Girls – Gem (FatCat)

Is it Gem’s frozen nature that makes me feel encased in glass? Or is it my own detachment that keeps me from finding a way in?

 Scott Creney

Balam Acab – Wander/Wonder (Tri-Angle)

It’s the difference between internet porn and actual sex, between Beavis and Bolaño, amusement and art.

 Scott Creney

Beyoncé – 4 (Columbia)

You may not hear a better heavy metal album all year than Beyoncé 4.


Women, Men, and Music: the XY factor (Part Two)

Better a nit-picking, list-making, album-ranking Hornbyite geek than a groupie


Women, Men, and Music: the XY factor (part one)

I’m sceptical of the patronising and reductive idea that men and women appreciate music in intrinsically different ways

 Everett True

Sexism etc – female music critics wanted for Collapse Board

Imagine if the music critic in Almost Famous had been female. Any chance at all she wouldn’t have been portrayed as a groupie?