Scott Creney

Tunabunny in the UK, part one

Here’s the thing about all the exhaustion and struggle, the sacrifice that goes into saving up money to fly over to another country. The show has to be worth it. A bad show will leave you crushed and broken nearly to the point of despair. This can be a bit nerve-wracking, but it makes you put everything you have into what you’re doing.


Mary Hampton – Folly (Teaspoon)

So you’re thinking Tinkerbell and glitterwings, floaty velvet scarves and dream catchers. Please don’t.


Veronica Falls – Veronica Falls (Slumberland/Bella Union)

Call me shallow but I’m starting to tire of nufuzzwurld.

 Everett True

six femme-pop recommendations from Tamsin

You’re never sure what might happen next but I wanna hear what happens next.


Rocket From The Tombs – The Day The Earth Met the Rocket From The Tombs/Barfly (Fire)

There is a version of ‘Satisfaction’ on here, but it’s tellingly only 19 seconds long.

 Everett True

Song of the day – 394: Throwing Up (the best fucking biog I’ve read all day)

Who am I to argue with money?


Songs To DIY For: Messthetics, Throwing Up and Hug Party

They don’t care. That’s what makes them DIY. That’s what makes them cool.


The Trashies – Space Jam (Minor Bird)

Smells like spilt bourbon, guitar grease and peanuts.


Essendon Airport – Palimpsest (Chapter Music)

As smooth as Kenny G’s newly-waxed ball sack.


Over the last few days, half of England burned. The other half talked witless bollocks about it.

Truth dies when news stories are reduced to binaries: good, evil, black, white, them, us. Difficult concepts are dumbed down into sound bites. We click ‘like’ and make a cup of tea.