Lee Adcock

Tame Impala – Currents (Interscope)

Tame Impala – Currents (Interscope)

HEY SO check out Tame Impala, huh. Check out that cover. A shiny silver sphere in a white/black void. It even looks like one of those post-prog 80s albums from Genesis or Yes, the whole “we’re modern now so we’ll have minimal geometric covers, hyuck hyuck.” Gotta hand it to ‘em for doing their homework. […]

 Scott Creney

Wampire – Curiosity (Polyvinyl)

Wampire – Curiosity (Polyvinyl)

I know plenty of people who will never, just based on the annoying dipshit band name alone, ever listen to this.


A 10-point guide to reviewing music festivals

Animal Collective was like if a 10-year-old made a batch of E and forced you to take it even though you wanted to take a nap instead.

 Mike Turner

2012 & the Abysmal Company You Kept

Dum Dum Girls had a massive year — the Coke Zero of the indie world. You know, same taste as the original formula but not as filling.


A Week in the Life of NME.COM – The Edited Highlights

NME.COM takes churnalism to new depths while Pitchfork’s Cover Story shows how to do web publishing


Essendon Airport – Palimpsest (Chapter Music)

As smooth as Kenny G’s newly-waxed ball sack.

 Bianca Valentino

Joe Cardamone (Icarus Line) – The Collapse Board Interview

Most people just turn the other way for success. I think we’ve had a career of uncompromising vision.

 Scott Creney

Washed Out – Within And Without (Sub Pop)

Music to make out to, I suppose. A collegiate version of Norah Jones.