Scott Creney

Grizzly Bear – Shields (Warp)

Shields is a city album. It functions as a nice urban version of Fleet Foxes — a sound born out of concrete rather than forests, glass instead of rivers, subways instead of trails.

 Ben Pratt

Modern Day Music Criticism Sucks

Nationally-distributed music magazines have turned into paper-thin circle-jerk bullshit

 Wallace Wylie

Probably the Most Influential Manifesto of the Past 20 Years

Who started the fire? Arcade Fire did.

 Everett True

17 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board, 29.05.11 – 04.06.11

Pop music that shits all over the tired, tepid male rock posturing of the other nine videos from a wonderfully giddy height.

 Scott Creney

Death Cab For Cutie – Codes And Keys (Atlantic)

Like McDonald’s, Death Cab For Cutie is nothing if not consistent.

 Wallace Wylie

10 REVIEWS OF THE NEW CULTS ALBUM – 7: the really bad review (U.S.)

Listening to Cults, I can only imagine that they have some great insider connections.

 Wallace Wylie

10 Bands Shaping The Post-Nirvana Era

The care and attention to detail in this parody is breathtaking.