Carmen Juarez

My Bloody Valentine @ The Tivoli, Brisbane 20.02.13

There’s a kid pulling his earplugs in and out. No! Stop! What are you thinking?

 Everett True

Can sushi be the wrong way up? 22 miniature reviews of the new My Bloody Valentine album

“The one that sounds like relentless helicopters is my favourite so far” – Lucy Cage on Facebook.

 Scott Creney

My Bloody Valentine – m b v

Maybe this has only been a clearing of the throat, a shaking off of the cobwebs, a necessary step into the harsh daylight of everyday existence. Maybe there is more to come.

 Scott Creney

Grizzly Bear – Shields (Warp)

Shields is a city album. It functions as a nice urban version of Fleet Foxes — a sound born out of concrete rather than forests, glass instead of rivers, subways instead of trails.

 Scott Creney

Clams Casino – Instrumentals 2 (self-released mixtape)

Why the hell should I sit here for an hour or two racking my brain as I struggle to evoke the beauty, the tragedy and loss of Clams Casino’s music, its programmed swoons and electronic sighs, its music of weeping computers and children trapped in ice, when someone else has already done it?