Why Titus Andronicus are the Most Important Band of 2012

Punk’s alive and the gates to Bangs’s Promised Land are open once again.

 Scott Creney

The Mountain Goats – Transcendental Youth (Merge)

Darnielle fashions Hallmark epiphanies out of his Wal-Mart realism.


Throughout The Universe, In Perpetuity: Why I Don’t Sign Copyright-Grabbing Photo Contracts

Once there was no “three songs, no flash” rule, now it’s industry standard in all but the small, local shows. Once there were no releases. Once there were no copyright-grabbing contracts.


The Hold Steady @ The Zoo, 09.03.11

When it comes to flicking through the shelves of CDs at my place to decide what to put on the stereo, more often than not the conversation starts with the following opening: Girlfriend – “Every time I think there can’t be any more Bruce Springsteen albums, I manage to find another one”.