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The Collapse Board interview – Super Wild Horses

Super Wild Horses make me dance. All swinging shoulders and bouncy knees. Make me open the windows wide. Drink cheap booze and bomb hills on cardboard boxes. Make me think of my sweetheart. Make me sing along. Make me feel like I’m 15. Just drive-ins and scraped knees and fast guitars. Tappety drums and tambourines. […]


The Collapse Board interview – Fire Witch

“Honesty tends to make a lot of people uncomfortable and I like that”

 Everett True

(Anti-)Song of the day – 277: New Waver (free download)

This is just about the worst music I’ve heard in years. So bad it’s bad.

 Everett True

more Red Bullshit. A further comment on the AMP 2010 shortlist.

Is the Australian music industry – ‘alternative’ or not – racist at its heart

 Everett True

Oh Lord. The shortlist for the AMP 2010 has just been announced.

I got the impression the AMP was supposed to cover ALL forms of music, not just indie. Isn’t Australia known for its hip-hop? Its hardcore?

 Everett True

BLATANT AD: free tickets to see Broadcast live in Australia: BLATANT AD

The way free giveaways usually work is this. You get to sign up to some dumb mailing list that you spend the next six months desperately trying to unsubscribe from You get to answer some dumb question relating to the band and/or record label and/or website, thereby giving the spurious illusion that there is some […]

 Everett True

Song of the day – 237: Little Ugly Girls

she has quite the voice! great fucking instrumentation as well.

 Everett True

Song of the day – 189: Blue King Brown

The deep, desk-shuddering, bass sound and gorgeous use of space between the beats sound like they could’ve been mainlined direct from Don Letts’ dub halls in West London 1979

 Everett True

Song of the day – 181: Useless Children

This is punk as I understand it. Fast. Female-led. Uncompromising. Melodic underneath a welter of bruised fists and egos. Fast. Brief. Angry, doubtless. Not polite whatsoever. I’ll play Useless Children‘s new six-song Exo Records EP three times max, lose it down the back of the computer, find it in five months time, shove ‘Sounds’ on […]

 Everett True

more on Washington

I wrote a review of the new Washington album for The Vine. You can find it here. ————————————————————————————————————————————————— Washington I Believe You Liar (Universal Music) Australia. You worry me sometimes. I’ve seen this album hailed as 2010’s saviour of pop. (This is what happens when you allow fucking radio presenters to moonlight as music critics, […]